Ivy Liu

Integrated calendar planning + execution

The Problem: Team workflows were not streamlined with other teams causing miscommunication, timeline misalignment and general lack of transparency of goals and how we get from point A to B.


  • Communication To centralize communication, docs, and task management between business teams.
  • Alignment Align team goals + initiatives early on to increase cross-channel promotions for higher impact.
  • Efficiency Offer transparency for creative asset creation process and streamline processes to create better campaigns in less time and resources.

The Solution: I created an infrastructure that allows better communication and collaboration in teams from planning to execution and built a management system within Asana that provides streamlined workflows, process, and clearer communication throughout the life of a project. It is paired with cadence of planning sessions and performance reviews to make sure that we're making the best use of our time and tying it back to metrics that will give us insights into how we can make a greater impact for the business.


The approach I took was to first understand the workflow that each team currently has alone and with other teams to assess the dynamics that contribute to the way we work with each other. Next, I crafted a solution based on feedback from all teams to make sure I was translating their challenges into something they would find useful. We then took this system and put it into practice to see how it actually works.